• PrimeGuard Dewormer (Fenbendazole) 200ML


      PrimeGuard (fenbendazole) is the result of extensive research efforts that have focused on the isolation and treatment of worms in goats. Our solutions represent the gold standard in parasitic worm treatment and have proven highly effective and quite safe when administered appropriately.

    • Toltrazuril 30cc Dose

      Toltrazuril 2.5% – 30cc


      Three 10cc oral syringes of Toltrazuril 2.5% solution. <br><br><b>Note: Safe for Dogs</b>

    • Toltrazuril 30cc Dose

      Toltrazuril 5% Suspension 30 cc/ml


      TOLTRAZURIL (Compare to the active ingredients in Baycox 5%),  most effective, non-invasive treatment for Coccidiosis on the market in as few as 1-2 doses. Baycox Liquid Toltrazuril that actually kills coccidia with one or two doses!

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